How to Export Transactions

Navigating financial transactions within Tithely has never been easier. Whether you're an Admin or a Limited Access User with financial permissions, this guide walks you through the straightforward process of exporting a CSV file of transactions. Perfect for financial reporting, auditing, or budgeting, learn how to select your desired date range and efficiently download transaction data. This tutorial ensures you can access and organize your financial information effectively, with tips on managing the export settings to suit your needs.

How to Export a CSV of Transactions

  1. Log into Tithely as an Admin or Limited Access User with financial permission. 
  2. Select Giving on the left-hand menu.

  3. Select Transactions from the Giving menu.

  4. Using the + Filter button, select your date range of transactions.
  5. Click the Export button at the top right corner of the page.

    Export Button in Transactions
  6. A file will download to your computer. Depending on your settings, this may go to your Downloads folder, Desktop or other pre-selected location.

    Please Note: The CSV export loads the columns and filters that are selected at the time of export.

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