Restricted Accounts and How to Resolve Them

A restricted account is an account that has been blocked from receiving deposits and eventually from accepting donations. If your organization's account has been restricted, we want to help get your account back to being active as soon as possible! We'll walk you through how to take action and some commonly asked questions below.

Why does Tithely restrict accounts?

We require more information from you in order to legally process donations on your organizations behalf and deposit funds into your account.

What information does Tithely need to verify the account?

In most cases, the information is simply an email address, phone number, or the address provided does not match the organizations EIN (employer identification number) documentation.

What do I need to do to get my account un-restricted?

If your account has been restricted, a banner will be displayed on your Tithely dashboard. Click on the link in the banner to update the information required.

What do the alert banners mean?

  • There is an upcoming issue with your account that will block a feature

  • There is a current issue with your account that is blocking a feature

As always, if you need any assistance our team is happy to help.