How to Delete a Saved View in Transactions on Tithely

As you manage the financial aspects of your organization through Tithely, you may find that your dashboard accumulates several saved views in the Transactions section and you may want to delete a view or two. Over time, some of these views may no longer serve your needs and can clutter your workspace. Tithely provides a clean, intuitive way to remove these unnecessary views, simplifying your financial tracking and dashboard management. 

Delete A Saved View

  1. Log in to your Tithely Admin account.
  2. Click Giving on the dashboard.
  3. Open the Transactions section.
  4. Look for the views icon, represented by an eye symbol at the top right.
  5. Click on the views icon to see all saved views.
  6. Find the view you want to remove and click the trash can icon next to it.
  7. Confirm the deletion if prompted.
  8. Your selected view will now be removed from the saved views in Transactions.
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