App Dashboard Tutorial 🎥

Welcome to the Apps Dashboard Tutorial!

In this article, we will cover all the tabs in your Apps Dashboard. Please start by viewing the below video and then explore the related articles. As always, if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



The Activity feed allows you to see all the actions (activities) that are happening on your app. This includes push notifications you've sent, user comments, user posts, and more. You can learn more about the Activity features in this article: Apps Dashboard - Activity.


The Metrics feature is a great tool to help your admins understand how many users are active on your app. There are three metrics displayed:

  • Active Devices
    How many devices are actively using your app during the selected time period.
  • New Devices
    How many new devices have accessed/downloaded your app during the selected time period.
  • Sessions
    How often or many times a user has accessed your app during the selected time period.

Quick Actions 

Quick Actions allow you to either send a push notification to your users or add a new prayer request to your prayer wall. These are the two most common actions churches utilize and this tool makes it quick and easy to use both features.

Settings (Home)

The Settings(Home) area of your dashboard allows you to update your church's information such as name, email, website, and more. This area also allows you to publish or unpublish your app, and add a welcome message to your app. In the Settings (Home) tab you are also able to update the following.

Service Times

Service times allow you to easily display when your services start and end as well as what day your services are held on.  

Themes & Colors

Your theme and colors are how your app will display to users. Here you are able to update key design features such as your theme color, set the tab bar to dark theme, allow tab bar to be customized, and choose a colored nav bar. Learn more about your theme and color setting here.

App Online Status

The App offline button in your app may not work the way you expect it to. Instead of turning off all app functions, it simply deactivates content from being refreshed and creates a pop-up that will be shown on the News Feed. This pop-up usually appears almost immediately after you select the App offline button.

This feature works for both dev and container apps and does not affect the app's search ability in the container app, App Store, or Google Play. All previous content in the app is still viewable, but there will be a pop-up indicating that the app is offline.

Please note that the App offline feature is not designed to turn off all app functions or prevent you from accessing previous content. Rather, it is intended to provide a way to temporarily disable content updates in the app while still allowing you to access existing content.



As of March 15th, 2024 Church App Analytics is in development. See more details in Church App Analytics Update March 15th, 2024.

Tithely Giving 

Here you have the ability to add or adjust your Tithely giving link, button label, and add a Text to Give number. Typically this area is set up by the Tithely team during the initial design process of your custom church app.

Tithely Tip

Give Area Id is not currently an actively used field in your App, you can leave this area blank.


This section allows you to manage all the tabs in your app. The main tab will display in your main navigation while the More Tabs area will display in the menu. You can arrange, update, add, and remove your tabs here. Learn more about managing the tabs on your app dashboard.

App Pages

This section allows you to add a custom page to your app. This is a great option to create a fully custom page for your app. Creating and Editing App Pages on Your Church App.

Sermon Notes

Sermon notes are a great tool to create engagement for your users. You are able to add your sermon notes with fill-in-the-blank sections for your members to fill in and follow along during a sermon. Learn more about Creating and Editing Sermon Notes on Your Church App.

Push Messages

Push Messages allow you to send an immediate push notification to all users, schedule a notification to all, and select to send to specific groups. Learn more about Sending Push Notifications.

Livestreams (Beta)

If your church live streams already to your TIthely Site or using another software, this feature allows you to pull the live stream directly into the app for users to follow along. You are also able to connect your live stream to sermon notes too. Learn more about Adding Live Streams to Your App.


The Audio area of the app allows you to upload audio files such as prerecorded sermons or podcasts. If you already regularly publish audio files somewhere else online you can connect an RSS feed to your audio section of the app. Learn more about using the Adding Audio to Your Church App.


The video section of your App Dashboard allows you to integrate your YouTube or Vimeo accounts directly into your church app. Learn more about Adding Videos To Your Church App.


Events allow you to integrate Tithely Events, Google Calendar, or another calendar directly into your app. This is a great tool for keeping your users up to date with upcoming events in the life of your church. Learn more about Adding Events to Your Church App.


The Social tab allows you to add Facebook, and Instagram directly into your app. No need to repost your content in the app when you have your social media platforms connected. Learn more about Adding Social Media Integrations to Your Church App.

Prayer Wall

Your Prayer Wall tab allows you to submit a new prayer request, review prayer requests, and view and moderate comments on your prayer wall. You also have the ability to add an admin to moderate your Prayer Wall. Learn more about Using the Prayer Wall on Your Church App.


Your Blog is a place for any written content. You have the option of creating and posting directly into the app or adding an RSS feed. Learn more about Adding A Blog to Your Church App.


Upload your images directly into your app. Here you are able to upload individual images or add albums. Learn more about Photos on the App Dashboard.


The users tab is found in the Global Settings while in the Apps tab. You are able to add new admins to your App by using this feature. If you would like to add new admins please follow the steps in Adding and Changing Administrator Roles on Your App Dashboard article. 

You are now familiar with all the areas of your custom church app dashboard!