Creating and Editing App Pages on Your Church App 🎥

App Pages give you the flexibility to create individual pages with written content, images, embedded videos, maps, buttons etc. within your app. You can make these tabs/pages within your app or have someone from the app team add them to one of your home page items. 

Create an App Page

  1. Login and open your App Dashboard
  2. Select New App Page.
  3. Add in your New App Page content. You'll see some pre-filled demo content, intended to give you a quick template.
    1. Page Name
    2. Date
    3. Keywords
    4. Page Image. This is used to identify which page it is used on in the dashboard. It is not viewable by App users. 
    5. Description. This is an internal note for identification purposes. This is not viewable by App users. Please note, there is a character limit of 1024 in the Description section.
    6. Add your page images and text. 
      Begin editing the text by clicking on it. As you do this you'll see that a text editing option is floating off to the left(screenshot below). You can change the text font, size, color, etc. using the toolbar on the left. 
      If you'd like a different format for the image and text, we've got you covered! There are plenty of other options to choose from to the right of your screen (screenshot below), simply drag and drop them into your New App Page. 
    7. Add your images, change dimensions, and insert links.
      Blue button = Allows you to upload an image
      Orange Button = Allows you to insert a link to text or an image, or change the dimensions of the image. 
  4. Set your Active Status. There are a couple of options for the active status of your page.
    1. Draft

      If you are not done creating the page or don't need it to be used in the app right away, select Draft. When you are ready to publish the page, go to the Tabs page. At the bottom of the page, you will find tabs that you have not yet published. 

    2. Published
      If you select publish, the page will be added to the tabs page as a hidden tab item to add to the More Menu at a later time
    3. Published and Add to More Menu
  5. Once you've selected one of these options you're set to select save!


Video Walkthrough of App Pages


Embedding Elvanto's Group Finder


You can embed the Group Finder from Elvanto directly onto your app.

  1. Login to Elvanto and navigate to the Admin area. 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Groups and then the Group Finder tab.
  4. In the Group Finder tab, you will see an Embed Code section, here you will see the iFrame text in red. Before you copy this over to your app, enable any filters you want to be used on the app. Anything you set in this area will be reflected in the embedded Group Finder.
  5. Once you have that all decided and enabled accordingly, highlight and copy the iFrame text from this Elvanto page.
  6. Go to your app and paste the iFrame text in the source area (<>) of the App Page.
    Use the video instructions above to know where and how to embed iFrame items onto your app (3:30).

You are now able to create and manage pages on your custom church app! If you have any further questions please reach out to our support team.


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