Adding Live Streams to Your App

How to Add Livestreams to Your App Using Your Tithely Site

Note: Creating a new Livestream will create a new tab. To prevent multiple Livestream tabs, it's recommended to update your existing Livestream link rather than create a new one.

  1. Login to your App Dashboard.
  2. Locate and select the tab titled Livestreams.
  3. Select Add New.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Select Tithely Site as the Source.

    • Set your Livestream title.

    • Set the Start date for sorting within the app.
      Note: The start time you set here determines the "Next Live Stream" time shown on the live stream landing page and when the chat feature opens. The start and end time for the actual video playback is managed within the Tithely Site, not here.

    • Copy the Live Stream link from your TIthely Site and add .rss to the end of the link. Enter the link into the Video Link field. Important: Tithely Site livestreams using iframes will not work with this method. The livestream on the Site must be set up with a link to the video.

      Optional Step: Add your sermon note link.

  5. Select Submit! This then adds your Livestream as a tab within your app.

How to Add Livestreams to Your Tithely App Only

  1. Login to your App Dashboard.
  2. Locate and select the tab titled Livestreams.
  3. Select Add New.
  4. Enter the following information: 
    1. Source: Select Tithely App.
    2. Livestream Title: Set your desired title.
    3. Repetition: Choose "Repeat weekly" if applicable.
    4. Timing: Set your Start and End Time.
      • Note: Chat will initiate and conclude 30 minutes before and after the designated start and end times. If your video is prerecorded and you intend to conduct a simulated live stream, it will commence playing at the chosen start time.
    5. Stream Type: Decide whether your live stream is simulated.
    6. Video Link: Insert the link to your video from Youtube or Facebook.
      • For YouTube: The correct link format should resemble:
        Every YouTube livestream now comes with a unique link. Ensure you're using this specific link, and not any permanent link. Permanent links will not work. This link must be updated each week after setting up the livestream on YouTube.
      • For Facebook: The appropriate link will appear like this:
        Remember, use the specific Facebook video link.
    7. Sermon Note: Choose or add your Sermon Note.
    8. Chat Features:
      • Toggle the Enable chat feature ON or OFF based on your preference.
      • Chat Moderators: Begin typing to search for individuals you've previously added in People. Note: These individuals must already exist in your Tithely People database.
      • Decide whether you wish to Clear Chat history after every session by toggling the option ON or OFF.
  5. Click Save.
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