Managing the Tabs on Your App Dashboard

Using and changing your app’s tabs is simple and fun! In just a few seconds' time you can add to or alter the functionality of your church app. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tabs page.

Here is a screenshot of where everything is located before we begin:

Adding or Removing Tabs

Disabled tabs will appear at the bottom of the page under “Addable Tabs”. To add these into the app, simply click the “Add” button with the + sign on the right hand side. The tab will then jump up to the bottom of the “More Tabs” section. Additionally, if you wish to remove any active tabs, simply click the “X” button on the right hand side. The tab will then appear under the “Addable Tabs” section.

Reordering Tabs

To change the order that the tabs appear in your app, simply click and drag a tab to the appropriate spot! To have a tab appear on the bottom bar, drag it into the top area under “Main Tabs” (remember, you can only have 4 tabs there plus the “More” tab). All active tabs that aren’t in “Main Tabs” will appear in the “More” tab.

Hiding Tabs

To hide a tab from appearing in your app but not disable it, click the “+” button located in the center of the tab you want to open the dropdown menu, then check the box labeled “Hide in More Menu”. The main reason you would want to do this is if you have a tile on the home page that links the section in question, but you didn’t want it to show up in your tabs, as disabling the tab also disables the ability to link a tile to it.

Naming/Renaming Tabs

As you will notice, there is a “Short Name” and a “Long Name” option for naming tabs. The short option is how it will appear if the tab is one of the Main Tabs on the bottom of the app, and can be between 2-11 characters. It will also appear in the “More” menu as the short title unless there is something in the long title field. The long option can be up to 38 characters and is how the tab will appear in the “More” menu, overriding the short title.

Creating a Custom Tab with a Web Link

If you have a web URL that you want to link a tab to, you can create one yourself! Find the tab labeled “Web Link” under “Addable Tabs” and click the “+” button located in the center of the tab. In the box labeled “Link (URL)”, add the URL you would like to link to. Title the tab whatever you would like, then click the question mark icon next to it to select an appropriate icon. Finally, add it into your app by clicking the “Add” button!

Red vs. Blue Page Type

On each tab to the right of the “Long Name” field is a button describing the page type that will either be red or blue. Blue means the page is being populated with info from a feed from the “Integrations” section of the dashboard. So if, say, you add a Calendar feed, it will show up in the Tabs page as blue. Red means that the content gets manually uploaded to the Dashboard.

There you go, now you’re a pro at using the Tabs page! Play around with it, have some fun, and fully customize your app!


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