Transaction Statuses and Their Meaning

When viewing your donors' gifts you may notice different statuses attached. The transaction status on Tithely helps you quickly understand the current state of each donation or gift. There are four main statuses: Pending, Success, Failed Transactions, or Requires Action. Each status indicates the progress of a transaction towards completion or highlights any issues requiring attention, ensuring admins can efficiently manage and track all financial activities within their organization.

Transaction Status: 

  • Pending 

    • When a transaction is pending this means it is going through the normal process of verifying the payment details used to make this gift. For credit and debit cards this process can take anywhere from 1-3 business days for ACH/Bank Transfers this can take 4-10 business days depending on the issuing institution.
  • Success 

    • This means the transaction has succeeded! It will be deposited on the next available deposit window. Please note that when a bank deposit is deposited, your bank may not show the funds for an additional 24 hours. 
  • Failed

    • Transactions can fail for a few reasons such as an expired card, insufficient funds, and other reasons. The donor is always notified by email when a gift has failed for recurring donations with instructions on how to make an additional donation. A donor will be notified immediately in app if a gift fails for one time donations.
  • Requires Action

    • This refers to transactions where the donor needs to complete a verification step to process the gift. This is commonly associated with 3D Secure transactions. There is nothing an Admin needs to do when they see this status, the donor will be notified by email to complete additional verification provided by their financial institution.


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