Tithely 1.0 vs 2.0 Settings and Permissions

Transitioning from Tithely 1.0 to the enhanced Tithely 2.0 involves managing features exclusive to version 1.0. This guide helps you navigate these elements, ensuring a smooth transition. Learn to identify your version and switch between 1.0 and 2.0 effortlessly. Discover how to grant user permissions for Events and Admin Batch Giving, manage fund alignment, and edit payment methods. Follow these steps to optimize both versions effectively and minimize confusion.

Tithely Tip

Admins will need to be added to both 1.0 and 2.0 to access both areas. This is important for admins that will use Admin Batch Giving as well as Tithely Events. Learn how to add an admin to 1.0 here: Adding an Admin for Tithely Events/Admin Batch Giving (Tithely 1.0 Admin)

How to Determine Your Tithely Version:

Identifying your Tithely version is crucial. To check, observe the appearance of your screen:

  • If it looks like the below screenshot you are in Tithely 1.0. Tithely 1.0
  • If it looks like the below screenshot, you are already using Tithely 2.0! Tithely 2.0

Navigating Between Tithely 1.0 and 2.0:

If you are in 1.0, select Giving > Reports > New to switch to 2.0.

If you are in 2.0, select Back to Tithely 1.0 to switch to 1.0.

User Permissions for Events and Admin Batch Giving:

  • Only the Account Owner can make these changes.
  • To add a new Limited User or Admin and grant them access to Events and Admin Batch Giving in 2.0, you must also add them in 1.0 using Manage Administrators.
  • Ensure the email address and campus/location are provided, and grant Finance Permissions for Admin Batch Giving and Events Permissions for Events.
  1. Log into Tithely 1.0 as the Account Owner.
  2. Select Manage Administrators.
  3. Select Add administrator.
  4. Select appropriate locations.
  5. Select the permission level desired.
  6. Select Add.
    Note: The new admin will receive an email inviting them to join your account as an admin.

Tips for Admin Batch Giving:

  1. The People area in 2.0 does not send information to Admin Batch Giving, but once you enter a donor in Admin Batch Giving, it will populate again for you next time.
  2. The People area in 2.0 receives information from Admin Batch Giving, so if you need to edit the information seen in Admin Batch Giving, use the Manage Contacts area in 1.0.

Fund Management:

Fund Management should align in both 1.0 and 2.0 to reflect properly in your Giving Form.

Check the order of your funds in 1.0:
Note: View the full how-to article here: Managing Your Giving Types in 1.0

  1. Click Back to Tithe.ly 1.0.
  2. Select My Churches.
  3. Select Edit Organization.
  4. Select Giving Types.
  5. Arrange funds accordingly.
  6. Select Save.

Editing Payment Method or Giving Type/Fund for Donations:

  1. Click Back to Tithe.ly 1.0.
  2. Select My Churches.
  3. Select View Giving Statements
    • Edit Individual Gifts
      1. Locate the gift you would like to edit. 
      2. Select the Pencil Icon.
      3. Make adjustments.
        • Giving Fund
        • Payment Method
      4. Select Save.
    • Edit Recurring Gifts
      1. Select Recurring Giving.
      2. Locate the gift you would like to edit. 
      3. Select the Pencil Icon.
      4. Make adjustments.
        • Amount
        • Giving Type
        • Schedule
        • Next Payment Date
        • Payment Method
      5. Select Save.

Remember: 1.0 feeds into 2.0 but 2.0 does not feed back into 1.0.

We understand there can be confusion caused by having 1.0 and 2.0 simultaneously and we appreciate your patience while we make 2.0 the very best system! By following the instructions provided in this article, you can fully understand what still needs to be accomplished in Tithely 1.0 and understand exactly where you are in the system.