Managing Your Giving Types in 1.0

Important Notes on Fund Management Versions:

We're working diligently to synchronize the 2.0 and 1.0 sides of fund management. Currently:

  • In 2.0: You can view, add, edit, hide, or archive fund types. See detailed article here.
  • In 1.0: You can set the order of the funds (details included in this article).

Ensure you make all necessary edits first in 2.0 and then organize the order in 1.0.

Helpful Tip: 1.0 updates flow into 2.0, but changes in 2.0 don't feed back into 1.0.

You can add, edit, hide, organize, and manage the giving types people can use when they give to your organization. For example, you can create giving types (or funds) for General Funds, Tithes, Missions, Building Funds, and more.

  • Giving Type Designations allow your donors to give to specific funds or projects at your church.

  • They also help improve the reports you see in Tithely by clearly assigning every gift to a fund, even if the fund is General Giving or Tithes.

User Permissions needed to access Giving 
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to the Giving Product. If you have additional questions please reference this article.

 Manage Giving Types

  1. Login to your Tithely account.
  2. Select Giving from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the Back to Tithely 1.0 button. 
  4. Under the 1.0 space, click on the My Churches tab on the left side of the screen.
  5. Click on Edit Organization

  6. At the top you'll see a green button that says Giving Types click this. 
  7. You will see all existing funds/designations that have been setup.

Add Giving Types

  1. Follow steps from Mange Giving Types above.

  2. Add new funds/designations by clicking on the Add new giving type at the bottom right and then adding the details in.  typing in your new fund/designation's name.

  3. Click the green "save" at the bottom when finished making your updates.

Edit Giving Types

  1. Follow steps from Mange Giving Types above.

  2. Edit existing name by clicking into the field and making your edits. Altering names of giving types will update past transactions with the new name.

  3. (Optional) Check the "Not Tax Deductible" box if you want to exclude the transactions associated with the fund from donor's tax statements.

  4. (Optional) Change Status. Hidden will hide the fund from the list of funds in the giving form.

  5. Click the green "save" at the bottom when finished making your updates. 

Note: If you edit the name of a specific giving type, it will also change the giving type on all past donations under that type. 

Rearrange Giving Types

  1. Follow steps from Mange Giving Types above.

  2. Edit the order of your funds/designations by clicking and dragging the cross-hairs icon located to the left of the funds/designation name.

  3. Click the green "save" at the bottom when you're finished making updates.


Edit Default Giving Type

  • The Default Giving type will affect both text-giving and giving blocks on your Tithely Site.

  • If the fund name (Giving Type) is NOT an exact match to the fund's (Giving Type) set up within your Tithely Giving account, by default it will be allocated to the Default Giving Type.

Delete Giving Type

Our system does not allow you to delete a giving type. But, you can just change the status from "Active" to "Hidden" and it will no longer display on your giving form. We recommend changing the status as best practice. 

Integrations and Giving Types

If you are using an integration from Tithely to another system and you add new funds/giving types, you’ll need to make sure to map the new fund in your integration to a fund in the other system.

If using Elvanto you will also need to update this within your Elvanto account under Financial > Chart of Accounts. Then you will need to fund map those giving types together in the integration in Tithely. 

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