Linking a Playlist to Your Church App

This tutorial walks through the process of linking an audio playlist to your app by using the App Dashboard (i.e. Spotify).

Adding a playlist from Spotify or other music platforms is quick and easy!

Step 1 : Find the direct web URL/link for your playlist
Step 2 : Go to Tabs on your App Dashboard
Step 3 : Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see extra addable tabs.
Step 4 : Find the Web Link tab, change the name and the icon
Step 5 : Select the + next to it and add your web URL/link in the box that shows up below the tab.
Step 6 : Once all the above is complete, select the green ADD button on the far right of the tab. It will then pop up into your more menu tabs.
Step 7 : Now you can drag the tab wherever you'd like! Once it's set be sure and select Save at the very top!

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