Linking Sermon Notes to Podcasts and Tithely Sites

Enhance your congregation's engagement by linking sermon notes to your Tithely Sites and podcasts directly within the Tithely App. This quick guide ensures your sermon notes are easily accessible, allowing followers to deepen their understanding and connection with each message. Whether integrating sermon notes with audio or updating live stream details, follow these simple steps to enrich your digital ministry. Remember, direct links work best for seamless user experience. Start now to make your sermons more interactive and accessible.

Linking Sermon Notes to Tithely Sites and Other Podcasts

Before we get started, be sure your sermon is created on the App, as well as your Tithely site. 

  1. Login to your Tithely account and navigate to Apps. 
  2. Select Sermon Notes and locate your sermon.
  3. Click View Page under the Link column heading, and copy the URL of the page. 
  4. On your Tithely Site sermon page, click the pencil icon (FAB) at the top left and select Edit Sermon.
  5. Paste the URL of the Apps Sermon Page into the description box. 
  6. Click Save Sermon.

When the audio gets pulled over to the App from Sites, the notes button on the App will pull in the URL you've pasted into the description box of your Tithely Sites sermon. 

Caution: Do not hyperlink the URL. The notes button on your app will direct to this link. 

Linking Sermon Notes to Audio in the Tithely App

  1. Login to your Tithely account and navigate to Apps. 
  2. Select Sermon Notes
  3. Locate your sermon and under the Link column heading, click View Page
  4. Copy the URL of the page. 
  5. Select Audio from the Apps menu.
  6. Select the audio you're including sermons notes to. Include the URL in the Keywords area of the Update Audio popup.

Updating Sermon Notes for Live Streams

If you are live streaming your sermons, you will need to update your sermon notes on a weekly basis. 

  1. Login to your Tithely account and navigate to Apps
  2. Select Livestream and choose the live stream you want to include sermon notes for.
  3. In the Update Livestream card, under the Sermon Note dropdown, select the sermon note for the live stream.
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