Adding Audio & Sermons to Your Church App

Learn how to enhance your church app with audio sermons. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on seamlessly integrating sermons into your app. Empower your congregation with convenient access to spiritual nourishment anytime, anywhere. Elevate your online ministry presence and foster engagement among your members. Start sharing your sermons effectively through your church app today.
Adding and connecting audio files and audio RSS feeds to your app are the best ways for users to listen to sermons or podcasts throughout the week. In this article, we will cover adding an RSS Feed and adding manual audio files. 

Connecting an Audio RSS Feed

  1. Log into Tithely as an Admin

  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select the Audio option on the left navigation bar.

  4. Select RSS Feed.
  5. Select Add New.
  6.  Enter your RSS Feed URL.
    Note: if the feed URL is not correct the popup form will not allow you to save and will stay open until the URL is entered correctly. 
  7. Add to a Sermon Series. (Optional - Note: Sermon Series titles are limited to 32 characters.)
  8. Enter a Tab Name. (Optional)
  9. Enter a Long Tab Name. (Optional)
  10. Select Advanced Options to:
    • Activate 
    • Deactivate 
    • Check for JSON Feed.
  11. Select Save.

Tithely Tip

The best way to set up sermon series in your custom church app is by using Sermon Series in Tithely Sites. Set up your sermons in Tithely Sites then connect the RSS Feed for the best results. Please note, that the RSS feed your Site produces will only populate sermons less than one year old.  Sermons added to your Site over one year old will not populate on your App.


If you are having issues adding your RSS Feed URL, it is possible that your feed is not valid. The RSS Feed must pass specific criteria. Please use or to check to see if your feed is valid. Please note, while there are other feed validators out there, these listed validating tools take into consideration all criteria needed for validation on the Church App.

Manually Adding Audio Files

  1. Log into Tithely as an Admin
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select the Audio option on the left navigation bar.
  4. Select Add New.Add_Audio.png
  5. Enter a Title.

  6. Enter an Author.

  7. Select to add to a Series (Optional).

  8. Add a Sermon Date.
  9. Add an Image. (Optional)
  10. Add any Keywords. (Optional)
  11. Add a Summary. (Optional)
  12. Select how you would like to add your Audio.
    • Upload MP3
      Note: After clicking Save you will upload the MP3 on the next page.
    • Add a URL.
      Note: The URL should be a public link to an MP3 file. 
  13. Select Save.


If you are having issues adding your MP3 file, the file may be too big. The Church App is limited to MP3 files of less than 50 MB. The suggested file size is 5-40 MB. Need help compressing your file? Check this article out for help.

Did you know?

App users have the option to download one audio file at a time. This is helpful if the user wants to listen to a sermon when they don't have their device connected to WIFI or data. Limitations for downloaded audio include the ability to play only the most recently downloaded file and the loss of the ability to change playback speed.