Why Won't My YouTube Video Play on my Site or App?

Integrating YouTube into your Site and App enhances content but might sometimes result in error messages for certain videos. This brief explores common reasons, including copyright flags that restrict embedding and the necessity of enabling video embedding in YouTube settings. Addressing these issues can ensure your videos play smoothly on your Site and App, providing a seamless experience for your audience. Follow our guidance to adjust settings and resolve embedding restrictions, keeping your Site and App's video content accessible and engaging.

After embedding on your Site or integrating your YouTube channel or playlist with the App, you may see that some of your videos display an error message when you select them. Below we will examine the likely reasons why this may be:


Your videos have been flagged for copyright

If your video has copyrighted material, such as a piece of music, YouTube's algorithm will often automatically detect this and give your video a copyright strike. This does not mean that the video will be taken down, but rather, it will restrict the video's ability to be embedded. Often times (but not always), the copyrighted music will be displayed in the video's description.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.07.09 AM.png

In order to lift the copyright restriction so that the video can be embedded on the Site and App, the copyrighted media will need to be removed from the video.


Video embedding needs to be turned on in your YouTube settings

In your YouTube settings, go to Creator Studio, then click Video Manager. On the video in question, click Edit, then Info & Settings. Open the Advanced Settings tab, and under Distribution Options check the "Allow embedding" box. Click the Save button and your video should now be able to be embedded!