Discontinuation of Twitter Integration in Church Apps

We're committed to ensuring our Church App provides the best experience for our users, with features and integrations that truly add value to our community. In line with this commitment, we've made some updates to our social media integration options. This article is designed to inform you about the discontinuation of Twitter integration and explain our reasons for this decision. We also aim to address any questions you may have about this change.

Discontinuation of Twitter Integration

After thorough evaluation and consideration, we have decided to discontinue Twitter integration within our Church App. This decision was not made lightly but was guided by our dedication to delivering high-quality, valuable features to our users.

Reasons for Discontinuation

Performance and Experience: The Twitter integration has not met our standards for reliability and user engagement. Our analysis and user feedback indicated that it did not provide the level of value we strive to offer.

Cost Efficiency: The cost associated with maintaining the Twitter API integration, compared to its benefits, was not sustainable. Our focus is on investing in features and integrations that offer significant value to our community.

Impact on Your Church App

Current Users: If your church had previously integrated Twitter with the Church App, you would notice that this option is no longer available. We encourage you to utilize other supported social media integrations, such as Facebook and Instagram, to engage your community.

Future Plans: We do not currently have plans to introduce new social media integrations. Our efforts are concentrated on enhancing existing features and exploring new ways to support your church's goals through our platform.


Will the removal of Twitter integration affect the functionality of our Church App?

  • No, the removal of Twitter integration will not affect the overall functionality of your Church App. You can continue to use other social media integrations seamlessly.

Are there alternatives to using Twitter for engaging our community through the Church App?

  • Yes, we recommend using Facebook and Instagram integrations as dynamic platforms for sharing updates and engaging with your community.

Can we expect any new features or updates to replace the Twitter integration?

  • While we have no immediate plans for new social media integrations, we are always exploring ways to enhance the app experience. We will keep our users informed of any new features or updates.


We understand that changes to our platform's features can raise questions and concerns. Our team is here to support you through this transition and ensure your Church App continues to serve as a powerful tool for connecting and engaging your community. If you have further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.