The Tithely Pay Keypad

Designed to streamline payment processing, the Pay Keypad offers a user-friendly interface for secure transactions. In this article, we'll delve into the features and functionalities of the Pay Keypad, empowering you to optimize your payment experience. The Keypad allows you to monitor what is in the cart, and add custom items.

User Permissions needed to access Pay
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to Pay. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.

How to Access the Keypad

  1. Open the Tithely Pay app on your iOS device and log in.

  2. Click the Keypad tab at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
    If you're in the Categories area: To get back to the dashboard from the Category list, click <Categories, then click Shop, then click the Keypad tab.

How to Add a Custom Item

📖 Helpful Definition: Custom items are items that have not yet been added to the system. If you need to add an item that will be used regularly, click here.

  1. Click the Cart+ button below the "9" key on the Keypad.

    If you're in the Cart, click the + button next to add a custom item.

Once the item has been added to the Cart, you can delete the item or edit the quantity.

Monitoring the Cart

You can monitor the Cart from within the Keypad. The badge over the Cart tab shows you how many items are in your cart. This allows you to see, at a glance, that your custom item has in fact been added.

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