Can I Use Tithely Pay For Donations?

If your organization is considering adding donation options to purchase transactions within Tithely Pay, it's important to be aware of platform restrictions and guidelines. While donations are not allowed through TIthely Pay we do have another in person giving option for your church, the Kiosk tool.

Compliance with Apple App Store Guidelines:

  • In-App Donations Restriction: According to Apple App Store Guidelines, in-app donations are not permitted. This means Tithely Pay cannot facilitate the option for users to add a donation during the initial in-app purchase process.
  • Donation Option in Email Receipts: To comply with these guidelines while still offering a channel for generous giving, Tithely Pay allows the option to donate through the email receipt, post-purchase.

Ensuring Compliance and Offering Flexibility:

  • Following Guidelines: By enabling the donation option in the email receipt and not within the app, Tithely Pay remains in full compliance with Apple's policies.
  • Future Possibilities: Tithely Pay is dedicated to exploring all avenues to facilitate generosity within the parameters of app store regulations and will continue to update its features accordingly.