How to Refund A Tithely Pay Transaction

Learn how to manage refunds for Tithely Pay transactions efficiently through the Tithely Pay app.

Refunding Steps:

  • Tithely Pay App: Refunds for Tithely Pay purchases can only be processed through the Tithely Pay app.

  • Device Flexibility: While refunds aren't available through the Tithely Admin area, you can use any iOS device to access the app and initiate a refund.

  • Convenience: Handle refund requests on-the-go by using your iPhone, ensuring you can assist customers immediately, regardless of their purchase location.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure that you have the Tithely Pay app installed on your iOS device for quick access to refund functionalities.

  • Stay prepared to process refunds efficiently by familiarizing yourself with the app's refund process.


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