Maintaining Your Developer Accounts

Learn essential tips for maintaining your developer accounts with ease. This article provides insights on managing and updating your accounts efficiently. Discover best practices to ensure compliance and smooth operation of your developer accounts. Empower yourself with the knowledge to handle account maintenance seamlessly, optimizing your experience as a developer. Stay organized and compliant to maximize the benefits of your developer accounts hassle-free.
Below, you'll find information on contacting our team to update your developer app, what to do when you receive Apple and Google Play emails about policies and agreements, as well as information on your Apple Developer membership. 

Developer App Updates

  • For your Developer apps, we guarantee 1 full update per year. However, if there is a new feature you would like to have on your app that requires an update, you can request that update from our support team. They will send your request to our team, and it will be processed as soon as we can.
  • If you have any design updates to your app icon, launch image or store listing information, you can also request those types of updates from our support team,and they will pass those requests to our team. These do require full app updates, so this will take some time to process.

Apple Developer Membership

Your Apple Developer Membership renews annually and requires a manual renewal even if you are set up so that it is a free account. If it is not renewed, Apple will temporarily pull your app from the App Store until it is renewed.

Apple Privacy Policies and Agreements

Several times a year, Apple will have new privacy policies and agreements to accept. If you receive emails about this, go ahead and log in to the Apple account and accept them all.

This allows us to update your app moving forward whenever we need to. Some agreements don’t allow us to move forward until they are accepted.

Google Play Emails: Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies

If you receive any emails from Google Play about new policies, please know that we receive them as well and will ensure that your app is in good standing.

Next time Tithely updates your App on the backend, the Data Safety section will be completed and the updates it mentions will be approved. The Apps Team has a list of these deadlines to ensure they don’t lapse.