Enabling Your New Home Screen

Revamping your church app's home screen with a new layout is straightforward with this guide. Start by selecting your desired layout, then head to the App dashboard to navigate through Tabs and add your new home screen. This tutorial simplifies moving tabs, adjusting the main screen, and ensuring a seamless transition to your new layout. Perfect for keeping your app fresh and engaging, follow these steps to make your app's first impression count.

Follow the steps below after you have created a new layout or duplicated and edited a layout you want to use as your new home screen.

  1. Once your layout is ready to be added to your app, in the App dashboard, navigate to Tabs.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list until you see ADDABLE TABS and find the tab with the same name as the layout you want to use as your home screen. Then, click the green plus icon on the right.
  3. That tab has now moved to the bottom of the section titled “MORE TABS.” Click and hold that tab and drag it to the top section called “MAIN TABS.”
    This action automatically pushes your previous home screen to the second slot in the “MAIN TABS” section. 
  4. Click the trash can on the right of the previous home screen tab - don’t worry; you are not deleting the whole tab. You are only removing it from the “MAIN TABS” list, and it will now appear at the bottom of the list in the “ADDABLE TABS” section.

    After clicking the trash can, your tab is at the bottom in the “ADDABLE TABS” section.

    The 5th tab has moved down to the “MORE TABS” section. That is expected at this stage.
  5. Click Save
    Now you will see all 5 tabs in the “MAIN TABS” section.
    Refresh or close your app and reopen and you will see your new home screen!


No Layout is listed in my Layout Editor list

If you do not see a layout listed when you click the Layout Editor in your dashboard, your Church App was likely launched before the Fall of 2017 when we first introduced Layouts to the Church App. Your app home screen is in our default view called Newsfeed.

You can keep that view OR choose to create a new layout and edit it to your liking and make that your home screen.

I have Custom Designed Tiles on my home screen. How do I maintain those?

When Tithely works with you to build your custom Church App, we often use tools like photoshop to create a specific design for you. If your Church App has layouts that utilize those custom designs, such as tiles that have rounded corners, text in the photo, special designs in the pictures, pictures with gradient edges, blurred images, circular images, etc., the layout editor does not have the capability to apply those type of customizations to images.

If you have a current design like that and want to maintain it, you have a few options:

  1. Send those edits to our support team
  2. Use photoshop to round corners of new images
  3. Use Canva (you can use it for free!) to round corners of new images
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