Comparing the Tithely Church App with an Independent Developer's Account

Choosing between the Church App and an Independent Developer's Account offers distinct paths for your church's digital presence. The option provides ease with a custom app link, automatic updates, and no separate developer accounts needed, ensuring a quick launch. Alternatively, an Independent Developer's Account gives full control, with your app directly available on app stores but requires maintaining developer accounts and a longer setup. Each route offers customization and unique benefits to best suit your church's needs. Church App

  • Publication: The app is hosted within "Church App -" and includes a custom app download link for easy access.
  • Content & Design: Customizable to fit your church's needs, similar to having a Developer Account.
  • Updates: Frequent weekly app version updates.
  • Custom App Icon: Design your own unique icon.
  • Developer Accounts: No need to manage separate Apple and Google Play Developer accounts.
  • Feature Access: Immediate access to new features and improvements due to regular updates.
  • Deployment Speed: The app can be launched swiftly.
  • Custom Download Link: Directs users to the Church App. Once downloaded, they're guided to your specific church app.

Independent Developer's Account

  • Publication: The app is designed by but is launched under your personal Developer Accounts on both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). As of January 1, 2018, Apple requires organizations to manage their own developer account.
  • Content & Design: Customizable, mirroring the offerings of the "Church App -".
  • Updates: Annual app version updates.
  • App Visuals: Personalize with a custom app icon and launch image.
  • Developer Accounts: Must establish and maintain both Apple and Google Play Developer accounts.
  • Account Management: oversees the app within your developer accounts.
  • App Access: Users can search and find your app directly on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Process Time: A longer setup process, requiring the creation of Developer accounts and other app-related approvals.
  • Direct Download Links: The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Unlike the Church App, users don't need a preliminary download.

Cost Implication: Apple charges an annual $99 fee for a developer account, while Google requires a one-time $25 fee.