Church Community Builder Integration Guide

Gifts can now be automatically synced between Tithely and the Church Community Builder (CCB) church management system.

That’s right, no more double entry, .csv exporting and importing, or managing two separate systems. Happy days for all.


Please ensure to disconnect your 1.0 CCB integration before setting up the integration in the 2.0 space. Having both integrations active simultaneously can lead to duplicate transactions in your account.

How the Integration Works

A gift/donation is made to your church via the Tithely mobile app, text-to-give, or online giving from your church’s website. That gift/donation is processed in the giving platform and automatically sent over to CCB. Once the gift/donation is in CCB it will be auto-matched to existing members or, if not auto-matched, you can manually match it to a person in the CCB system. When matching is complete you can create your batch.

Below is an example of where you’ll see Tithely giving transactions show up in CCB prior to them going through the transaction creation process.

Navigate to Financials > Online Gifts and you’ll find the below screen. Unmatched people will show up on the Step 1 tab while those who match an existing CCB people record (eg. your members) will be matched based on email and show up on the Step 2 tab where you can create the CCB transaction.

After you’ve successfully matched everyone and created all your transactions this list will be empty.

Gifts made via Tithely showing up in the CCB “create transactions” dashboard.

Once gifts have been matched and transactions have been created the transactions will show up on peoples CCB records like you see below.

To see this information, when on an individuals record, go to the Financial tab and you’ll see a list of transactions. Tithely created transactions will show up as coming from an “online” source. Date, fund/designation, source and gift amount will all show up right where you’re used to seeing it.

Gifts made via Tithely showing up on a church members CCB record.


Setup The Integration

User Permissions needed to access Integrations
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to Administration. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.

Start By Creating an API User in CCB

Logins and passwords are created and assigned through the API Admin section within CCB ChMS. Each login can be assigned to each service individually so that control can be kept on what services are available if, for instance, the login is for an external web development company.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select API.
  3. Click Add a new API User under Actions.
  4. Fill in the API User Information:
    Name (You can name the user tithely_integration), Username (this could be tithely), Password, and Re-Type Password.
    Note: We recommend making a note of the username/password so you can easily enter it into Tithely.
  5. The password strength indicator shows how strong your chosen password is.
  6. Use upper and lower case letters along with numbers and symbols to increase the strength.
  7. Fill in their Primary Organization Contact Information:
    Organization Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone, Contact Email.
  8. Click on the Services tab (top, left of page).
  9. Put a check in the box by the following API Services:
  10. Click I'm Finished when you are done.
  11. Navigate back to Tithely to finish the setup with your new API user details.

Setting up the Integration in Tithely

    1. Log into Tithely as an Admin.
      Note: Or limited user with finance permission.
    2. Select Global Settings.
      Note: This is the person icon in the bottom left of your screen.
    3. Select Integrations.
    4. Locate the Church Community Builder ChMS and select Install.
    5. Select Help Me Setup the Integration. 
    6. Select Help Me Get Connected from the pop up prompt. 
    7. Enter your Subdomain, Username, and Password from Church Community Builder.
      Zight 2024-05-02 at 4.21.41 PM.jpg
    8. Select if you would like to enable emails and enter which email you would like to have these emails sent to.
    9. Select which church you would like to integrate with.
    10. Select to enable the sync.
    11. Select Default Fund.
    12. Select the Church Community Builder Campus.
    13. Select Sending Method
      • Deposits (Will wait for a deposit to be sent to your bank account before sending over records)
      • Online Gift (Online Gifts will be sent individually via overnight sync and will not appear immediately)
    14. Select to add Campus Name in batch names in CCB. 
    15. Select Finish
      Note: The integration will look for the most recent transaction in Tithely to send to CCB to initiate the connection. Only the last transaction or deposit will be sent no other historical data. 

Important Notes

  • We recommend that you audit integrations on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that everything is working accordingly and no donations are incorrectly syncing

What Syncs with CCB?

Tithely Donations (Credit/Debit) Yes
Tithely Donations (ACH) Yes
Admin Batch Giving (Cash/Check) Yes
Tithely Pledges (Transactions) Yes
Tithely Pledges (*Data) No
Tithely Events Yes
Tithely Pay No

*Data refers to the amount a donor has pledged and how much has been contributed to that pledge. For example, if a user has set a pledge amount in Tithely this will not reflect in the receiving platform. Contributions to their Tithely pledge will be recorded as regular donations in the receiving platform.

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