How to See My Tithely Elvanto Sync Status and Transactions

Discover how to monitor your Tithely Elvanto sync status and transactions effortlessly. Learn how to access the dashboard and view synced transactions or errors. Ensure seamless reconciliation between Tithely and Elvanto, simplifying your accounting processes.

How to see my Tithely Elvanto sync status and transactions

  1. Log into Tithely as an Admin.
  2. Select Giving.
  3. From the giving page click the Global Settings button (the Person Icon) on the bottom left corner of the navigation.
  4. Select Integrations.
  5. Locate the Elvanto integration and select Configure.
  6. You'll see your dashboard.
    Image 2023-08-18 at 2.18.55 PM.jpg
  7. You can then see what transactions were sent or if there was an error with the sync.

Note: If you encounter an error, the integration will attempt to sync again the next day.

By following the instructions in this article, you can see the status of your Tithely Elvanto sync or download a record of transactions, for accounting purposes.