Mapping Tithely Event Payments within Integrations

Keeping tabs on Tithely Event payments has become easier! Fund mapping serves as a cornerstone in simplifying procedures and minimizing redundant tasks involved in financial data management. Precisely aligning funds, including those originating from Tithely Events, within your integration dashboard empowers your organization to automatically sync transactions and eliminates the need for manual entry.

How to map your Tithely Event Fund

Once you complete adding your Tithely Event it will automatically create a fund within your Integration’s Fund Mapping. This is a specific event payment fund and will not appear within your Fund Management nor display on your Giving Form.
It is important to map your event funds correctly, as any unmapped funds will be directed towards your selected Default Fund. Let’s get started. 

  1. Login to Tithely and select Giving from the Dashboard.
  2. From the giving page click the Global Settings button (the Person Icon) on the bottom left corner of the navigation and choose Integrations.
  3. Select your integration by clicking the Configure button on the Integrations page.
  4. Click the campus name you wish to work with under Manage Campus on the left navigation panel.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Campus Settings and find the Connections section, click on the green Connect Funds button.
  6. Select the green Refresh button to update the funds' list and make sure it's current.
  7. Link your Tithely Event fund to a specific fund within your connected software. Your event fund will be displayed as the given event name + (event).

In conclusion, with the streamlined process of fund mapping for Tithely Event payments, organizations can effortlessly synchronize transactions and avoid manual data entry. By accurately mapping event funds within your integration dashboard, you ensure precise financial tracking