Creating An Apple Developer Account

Discover how to create an Apple Developer Account hassle-free with our guide. Gain access to essential tools for developing and distributing your church app on the App Store. Learn step-by-step instructions to set up your account and navigate the registration process efficiently. Empower your church with a presence on iOS devices, reaching a broader audience and enhancing engagement. Start building your church app for Apple devices today by creating your Apple Developer Account seamlessly.

This guide will walk you through setting up your Apple Developer account tailored for your Tithely Church App.


Though Apple's enrollment process might evolve, there are four constants you've needed for over half a decade. Having these ready will streamline your sign-up:

  1. D-U-N-S Number:

    • Apple uses this to verify your organization's identity and legal entity status.
    • They're unique nine-digit numbers by Dun & Bradstreet.
    • Check if your church has one or request one here. It's free in most places.
    • Note: Dun & Bradstreet might call to update your info. This is unrelated to Tithely.
  2. Legal Entity Status:

    • Your church should be a recognized legal entity to contract with Apple.
    • Apple doesn't recognize DBAs, fictitious businesses, trade names, or branches.
  3. Legal Binding Authority:

    • Whoever's enrolling should have the legal power to bind your church to agreements.
    • This could be the founder, executive/senior staff, or someone legally designated by senior staff.
  4. A Publicly Available Website:

    • The domain name should be clearly associated with your organization.

Signing Up for a Developer Account:

  • Begin your registration at Apple's enrollment page. Use the Apple ID linked to your church's app.

  • Post sign-in, you'll choose the Developer Account type. Your main options are:

    • Non-Profit: Tougher to set up but might get the $99/year Apple Developer fee waived. If you can validate your non-profit status, this could be ideal. This allows multiple developers; you can add a Tithely team member without sharing your Apple ID.

    • Company: More common and simpler than the non-profit route. You can add a Tithely member, who'll set up and deploy your app. The name that appears on the AppStore will likely be your church's.

  • After selecting your preferred type, Apple will detail the required documentation. If you've prepared as per the 'Prerequisites', hit the blue 'Continue'.

Next Steps:

  • Apple will guide you through the necessary details for joining their Developer Program.

  • Upon acceptance, you'll have to grant Tithely access to the account. Instructions for this are provided in Giving Tithely Access to Your Developer Accounts.

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