Developer App FAQs

  • How long is the process to have our apps live on the stores once we complete the checklist?

    • 2 - 3 weeks, this time can vary because part of that time is reliant on Apple and Google Play’s review times.

  • I received an email from Apple that says that they have feedback on our app to review. What does that mean and is there anything I need to do?

    • We get that same email, this just means that during the review process Apple had a question or a request. This is something that we will handle and let you know if it requires any action from you.

  • Is there anything I will need to manage for my developer accounts?

    • Yes there is, for Apple there will be agreements that need accepted by the Account Holder in order for anything to be moved forward with submitting your app initially or for an update in the future.

    • You will also need to renew your Apple Developer Membership annually. If it is not renewed Apple will remove your app from the App Store until it is renewed by the Account Holder

    • For Google Play there is very little that will need managed. If you get any emails directly from them about policy changes or issues with your account feel free to reach out to to confirm if any action is required.

  • What is a launch image?

    • This is the image that comes up over the entire screen for a few seconds when the app is opened and loading.

  • What is the App Nickname?

    • The App Nickname is the text that is visible below the icon on the users device.

  • Why isn’t my app showing up toward the top of the search results on Google Play?

    • Google Play allows apps to have the same app names if they choose. This causes more difficulty when searching for your app. They also don’t have options for us to add additional keywords to help with search results. The more downloads your app has and the longer it has been on the store, the higher up it will show in the search results.

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