Designing a Custom Loading Screen For Your App

We do create basic loading screens for many churches, but if you want more control over the design & branding of your loading screen, then follow the steps & guidelines below to ensure that your custom-designed loading screen will fit perfectly inside of our app.



  1. CLICK HERE to download the loading screen Photoshop template

  2. Use our provided Photoshop Template to design your loading screen

  3. Export your loading screen as a .jpeg in the highest quality

  4. Submit your custom loading screen in the App Developer Form


Important Things to Note When Designing Your Loading Screen:

  • Refer to the template as a reference point. Note the spacing & positioning of the sample logo & text.

  • Remember to keep your logo in between the vertical lines in the template.

  • The best logos do not take up the entire space that is in between the vertical lines. We recommend using about 60% of the width inside of the vertical lines.

Use to design Your loading screen if you do not have Adobe Photoshop:

If you do not have Adobe Photoshop, you can still create your own custom loading page using the free web-based Photoshop program, Photopea. *Photopea is a 3rd party editing tool & is not a product. Follow the steps below to create your loading screen with Photopea:


  • CLICK HERE to go to

  • Be sure to have the Loading Screen Template saved to your computer so that you can open it inside of Photopea.

  • On the top left of the screen, click “File” > “Open” & then find / select the Loading Screen Template that you just downloaded from this help article.

  • Follow the important things to note when designing your loading screen that are listed above.

  • Once you are satisfied with the design, download a .jpeg version of the file by navigating to the top left of the screen & selecting “File” > “Export” > “JPG”

    • Confirm that you are exporting a .JPG, that the resolution of the image is 1827x2436 & that you are exporting at the highest quality possible.


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