How to Add the Elvanto Calendar to Your Church App

Discover how to integrate the Elvanto Calendar seamlessly into your church app with our easy-to-follow guide. By syncing events and schedules effortlessly, you can enhance communication and organization within your congregation. Learn step-by-step instructions for adding the Elvanto Calendar, ensuring your members stay informed and engaged with upcoming church activities. This simple integration process will elevate your app's functionality and streamline event management. Optimize your church app today for improved connectivity and coordination.

Adding your Elvanto calendar to your church app is a fantastic way to streamline your information and keep your church informed about upcoming events.

How to Add the Elvanto Calendar to Your App

  1. Collect your Elvanto iCal Feed.

  2. Log into Tithely as an Admin.

  3. Select Apps.
  4. Select Events from the Apps menu.

  5. Select iCal Feeds.

  6. Click Add New.

  7. Paste your Elvanto iCal Feed URL.
  8. Remove "webcal" in the Elvanto iCal Feed URL and replace it with "https".
    Your iCal feed from Elvanto should look similar to this:

    Once "webcal" is removed and replaced with "https" it should look like:

  9. Enter a Tab Name. (Optional)
    Note: If left blank only an icon will appear.
  10. Enter a Long Tab Name.

  11. Select whether this feed is active or inactive.
  12. Select Save.

Tithely Tip

Place the tab in your More Menu, along the Main menu bar or contact our team to link your calendar feed to a homepage tile.

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