Embedding an Elvanto Form on Your Tithely Site

How to embed an Elvanto form onto your Tithely Site via source code

On your website, you can embed a form, YouTube/Vimeo video, widget, Google calendar or other sorts of code onto a number of different pages.

In this article, we will cover embedding an Elvanto form.

Step 1: Grab the Embed Code From Your Elvanto Form

You will need to start by copying the embed code from within our Tithely Elvanto account, click here to learn how.

Step 2: Add the Embed Code Within the Text Editor on Your Tithely Site

You can embed the code onto any page by adding it within the Text Editor (shown below).

  1. Click the Source code button in the text editor.
  2. Paste the code into the source code area.
  3. Once it has been pasted in, click OK.

Tithely Tip: 

If your form is displaying not as you'd like, you can adjust the size of your iframe.

  1. In the text editor, click on your form to select it.

  2. Next, click the "Insert/Edit Video" button in the text box toolbar.

  3. A pop-up will appear, customize the Dimensions by adjusting the width and height (suggested width 900px)

  4. Click 'Ok'.


User Permissions needed to access Sites
Account Owner, Admin, or an Admin profile on the Tithely Site with direct login. Limited Access users will not have site access if permissions are only granted in the Tithely Dashboard. Limited Access users need to also be added to the site directly as an admin. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.

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