Why Are My Images and Logo Blurry?

If you've recently purchased a new computer with a 4K or Retina display, you may have noticed that some images on your website appear fuzzy or blurry.

How come? To answer that, we need a brief explanation about screen sizes.

A Full HD display is 1,080 pixels tall (where the term 1080p comes from) and 1,920 pixels wide. By comparison, the 4K resolution is 2,160 pixels tall and 3,840 pixels wide (the term 4K is derived from the width). This is four times as many pixels as Full HD. So, your new 4K display is stretching out the pixels optimized for HD to be twice as big as they're supposed to be. This may cause your logo or images to look blurry.

The most important step is to ensure you upload high-res images whenever possible. Most images should look great, but some may appear blurry. We will work as quickly as possible to load all images across the platform for 4K/Retina resolutions.

The Tithely Sites website platform is primarily optimized for HD or standard-definition computer displays. We want to make your website images big enough to look great on an HD display, but still small enough that it doesn't take too long to load up your website page.

We have eyes on this 'blurry' issue and hope to make the platform even more 4K/Retina compatible.