Getting Started with Tithely Giving - [A Useful Checklist]

You can be up and running with Tithely in just a few minutes! If you're reading this help article, there is a good chance you've already completed the sign-up process - way to go! 🎉 If not, you can sign up for Tithely here

Once you're signed up, follow the steps below and you'll be up and running with Tithely in no time at all.

We MUST verify your Tithely account after you sign up. In order to do that, our team will call or email you. Please be on alert for this communication as we are not able to deposit funds into your bank account until we have verified your identity. Thank you!

Set Up Your Giving Page

  1. Add Your Custom Statement Descriptor

    What you put as your statement descriptor is what will show up on your donors' credit and bank statements, so be sure to use wording that helps them identify their transaction.
    Quick Navigation: Giving > Settings > Deposit and Statement Settings.

    This help article has more information if needed.

  2. Create Your Custom Funds / Designations

    Funds/designations are things like "Tithe", "Offering", "Building Fund", "Missions", etc.
    Quick Navigation: Giving > Fund Management.

    This help article has more information if needed.

  3. Turn On Optional Fields (If Needed)

    You can turn on optional fields to collect information from donors such as mobile phone number, address, or memo.

    Quick Navigation: Giving > Settings > Giving Form & App.
    Check the box for each field you'd like to turn on and then click the save button near the bottom of the page.

    This help article has more information if needed.

  4. Add Your Branding (Logo & Color)

    Customize the feel of your giving form so donors can identify you.

    Quick Navigation: Giving > Settings > Giving Form & App.

    This help article has more information if needed.

  5. Customize Your Email Confirmations

    Customize the giving confirmation email that every donor receives when they give to your church. Doing this adds a personal touch and provides you with the opportunity to inspire them to be generous and connect the act of giving to the mission of the church.

    Quick Navigation: Giving > Settings > Donation Emails.

    This help article has more information if needed.

Learn About the Administrative and Reporting Tools

  • Admin Accounts

    Create admin accounts for your team and give them access to the things they need. Click here for detailed instructions.

  • Transaction Reporting

    You'll have full access to all the information people provide when completing a transaction through Tithely. Click here to learn more about viewing and filtering donations.

  • Bank Deposits

    Click here to learn more about viewing your Bank Deposits and Click here to learn more about the Bank Deposit schedule.

  • Exporting Data

    You can export your data into a .CSV file that can be used for importing into other systems (ChMS, Accounting, etc) or simply for manipulating in Excel. Click here to learn more.

  • Year End Giving Statements

    If you want to send your donors their end-of-year tax receipts with all of their giving that has happened through Tithely, it's simple! Click here to learn more.

Put the Giving Form on Your Website

Next, be sure to put the Tithely giving form on your website by using the embed code or direct link. Make sure that you put the "Give" button somewhere extremely visible so that everyone sees it and knows where to give. The best place to put it is at the top of your website. This help article has more information if needed.

Download the Free Mobile Giving App

You can download the free Tithely mobile giving app for iOS or Android on this page. You'll want to download the app to your phone so you can experience account creation and giving yourself. This will allow you to explain it to others more easily.  

Give a Donation

Give a small donation so that you can experience the full giving process personally. This will allow you to see your customized giving form, email confirmation, and what shows up on your statements. It will also allow you to see the transaction and deposit reporting sections.

Primary Admins: It is very important you use a different email address than your primary admin address when creating your personal donor account.

Use Our Launch Resources - Slides, Videos, and More.

We understand making a church-wide change can be difficult. Don't worry; we've got your back! Use these custom Engagement Materials to explain how ridiculously easy giving can be! Review launch resources.

Review Our Complete Launch Guide

Once you've completed the above steps, it's time to think about launching Tithely. Check out our complete guide to launching Tithely. It's packed with free resources and templates you can use as well as a step-by-step process for launching with a bang!

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