Which App Do I Download?

Here at Tithely, we have several working apps to meet the needs of our Tithely family. Below is a guide to help know which app is right for you.

Tithely Giving App

Here you can go in and search a church or ministry by name or zip code to access their giving form! Within this app, app users can give to whatever areas of funding their church has to offer. This app is for churches that have Tithely giving only.

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Tithely Church App

This app is used to store all of our custom-designed church apps. Here you can go in and search a church or ministry by name or zip code to view their live, custom app. Within this app, app users can check up on the latest events, give, and receive push notifications from the church, and so much more. With this app, you can have the convenience of communicating with your church and a giving platform built in. One app that meets the needs of your whole church! 

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Elvanto App

In the app, you can log in with your normal Elvanto account login details, and no need to enter your domain. The app will pull up any accounts associated with your login for you to choose from. Just like the website version, you'll be able to toggle between the Member and Admin View in your account according to the access permissions you have.

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Tithely Pay App