6 Quick Tips for Effectively Communicating About Tithely with your Church

Consistent giving reminders are crucial to on-going giver engagement. Make sure you've updated your website and communication materials with giving instructions and include giving reminders in these materials.

Download a kit of free graphics to help launch Tithely at your church. Includes customizable worship slides, printable materials, social media images, videos, and more.

#1 - Church Website

Your website giving page is where your church’s vision becomes actionable. Don’t overlook this opportunity to engage givers!  Plus, if you don’t intentionally showcase giving on your website, you may lose givers in a maze of pages, ultimately frustrating their desire to be generous. Here are a few best practices on updating your church website along with a bunch of examples

If you haven't already done so, here are the steps to adding Tithely Giving to your website, How to add Tithely giving to your website.

#2 - In Service Slide Deck

Use your customized engagement slide every service during offering time. If you run slides before and after the service, include the giving reminder there too!

#3 - In Service Launch & How-to Video

There's nothing like a short how-to video to help you church understand the new ways you have to give. Use any of our short digital giving launch videos to play during church announcements or the offering time!

#4 - Bulletin

Do you have a bulletin? Update your bulletin template to permanently include a reminder for text and online giving.

#5 - Email

Do you send email newsletters to your church? Do you email your congregation about specific ministry campaigns or special offering? Include giving instructions in all relevant email communications.

In addition to regular communication, using email to inform and educate your members about your new giving tools is a great way to increase adoption. 

#6 - Social Media

Using social media is a great way to promote your new digital giving tools. We've created a great set of social media graphics to help you spread the word.