Examples of Giving on Church Websites

Your church’s giving page should be a generosity magnet. Your church website should serve as an immediate action point to give to the vision of your church. 

Here are a handful of churches that have done a fantastic job adding online giving to their church website using Tithely. Keep an eye out for how they’ve used creativity and attention to detail in order to make making online giving great again…

Central Church

C3 Los Angeles

Third Coast Church

Why we love it:

  • Large yellow “Give Now” button at the top of the website that makes it super easy to click-and-give. You can’t miss it, but it also doesn’t distract from the site’s beautiful design.

  • Their giving page tells a story, and not only tells the donor how they can give, but why they should give and how it will impact the Kingdom.

Freedom Church

Why we love it:

  • There is power in the simplicity of this design. A large beautiful image of the giving screen, simple instructions and a Give Now button. Sometimes less is more.

Refuge Church

Why we love it:

  • This giving page starts with beautiful imagery, then connects the donor with why we give, and ends with clear graphics that show all the ways you can give.

  • The beautiful graphics make it easy to get right to where you need to go, and provide just the right amount of info. Sometimes giving pages can get way to text heavy.

S‍an Diego Church of Christ

Grove Church

Why we love it:

  • A welcome message that is simple but appealing, and connects the donor to why they are giving.

  • Easy to understand icons explaining the different ways to give.

Grace Summit Church

Why we love it:

  • The big green button makes the online giving option easy to find and super simple to engage. It can be helpful to promote one method of giving over others, so your site visitors don’t get overwhelmed.

The Rock Church

Why we love it:

  • This is a beautifully designed page with a clear description sharing why you should give, and just a give button that makes it nice and easy to get straight to giving.

Fountain of Life Ministries

Why we love it:

  • We also love how Fountain of Life has added the Give button to the upper right corner of the site. It makes giving quick and easy, and you can get to it from any page.

‍There are hundreds of ways you can implement Tithely online giving options on your church website, but there’s no reason to make it complicated. 

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