How to Add Apple Pay to Tithely Give

Apple Pay is a convenient payment method available to users who donate through an Apple device using the Tithely Giving App and Tithely Pay. This feature allows donors to easily and securely make contributions through their Apple devices.

Key Points

  • Apple Device Required: Apple Pay is exclusively available to users who have both an Apple device and are using the Tithely Giving App or Tithely Pay.
  • Donation and Payments: Apple Pay can be used for both regular contributions and payments through Tithely Pay. However, it is not currently supported for event payments through the app.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

  • Seamless Donation Process: Donors can contribute to their chosen causes with just a few taps on their Apple devices.
  • Secure Transactions: Leveraging the convenience and security features of Apple Pay, donors can enjoy a secure donation and payment process.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The integration of Apple Pay enhances the overall giving experience for users who prefer this payment method.

How to Use Apple Pay with the Tithely Giving App and Tithely Pay

  1. Ensure Donors Have the Tithely Giving App or are processing a payment using Tithely Pay: There is no additional setup required other than ensuring donors utilize the Tithely Giving App on their Apple devices.
  2. Make Contributions and Payments:
    1. Log into the Tithely Giving App.
    2. Select Give.
    3. Enter Amount.
    4. Select Continue.
    5. Enter remaining details.
    6. Select Payment Method.
    7. Select Apple Pay.
      Apple pay - - Mail 2024-07-10 at 11.17.34 AM (1).jpg
    8. Follow prompts from your device to confirm Apple Pay.
    9. Select Give $ to complete your gift.

The availability of Apple Pay on the Tithely Giving App and Tithely Pay offers a user-friendly and secure way for Apple device users to support their favorite organizations and causes. While it is not currently applicable for event payments, Apple Pay simplifies the donation and payment process, providing a seamless giving experience for users who value convenience and efficiency in their charitable contributions.