Scheduling Recurring Push Notifications in the Church App Dashboard

Scheduling a push notification in the church app dashboard is straightforward. Follow these steps to set up recurring notifications.

Steps to Schedule a Recurring Push Notification

  1. Navigate to Scheduled Notifications:

    • Click on the "Scheduled" tab.
    • Select "Add New" to create a new push notification.
  2. Set Up Recurrence Rule:

    • In the scheduling options, you will see an option to change from scheduled dates to a recurrence rule.
    • Click on the link for the R rule generator. This tool will help you generate a recurrence rule code based on how often you want the push notification to be sent.
  3. Generate Recurrence Code:

    • For example, to send a notification yearly on the first day of each month, set the frequency to "yearly" and specify "every month on the first day". The generator will provide the corresponding code.
    • If there are any specific dates you wish to skip, simply type in the date(s) in the format YYYY-MM-DD, separated by a comma and a space for each additional date.
  4. Enter Notification Details:

    • Title: Enter the title of the push notification.
    • Message: Enter the message content.
    • Link: (Optional) Add a link if needed.
    • Time: Set the time the notification should be sent.
  5. Finalize and Send:

    • Click "Send" to schedule the push notification.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up recurring push notifications, ensuring consistent communication with your church members.