How to Add an Emoji on A Message

In the Tithely Church App, adding an emoji to a message enhances your interaction within your church community. Whether it's to show appreciation, support, or simply to add a fun element to the conversation, using emojis can significantly enrich the way members connect and communicate within the app's messaging platform. Follow these straightforward steps to easily add emojis to your messages, making your communications more lively and expressive.


How to Add an Emoji

  1. Launch the App. 
  2. Select Groups.
  3. Select your group.
  4. Press the Chat button to enter the groups chat. 
  5. Long hold the message you would like to add an emoji to. 
    Note: If someone has already placed an emoji on a message you can simply tap that existing emoji to add. 
  6. Select the emoji you would like to add. 
    Note: The emoji will be added to the right of any other emojis with a higher count. 


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