Viewing Your Giving History In The Tithely Giving App

Keeping track of your giving history can be easily managed from your giving app. If you are looking for official tax records, please reach out to your church admin. If you are simply looking to keep track of personal records of your giving, you can do so by following the steps below.

Tithely Tip

Your Giving History is specific to the church location you are currently viewing. If you've donated to other churches, you will need to access their respective giving history to review contributions made to them. Learn how to change your church location.

Viewing Your Giving History

  1. Launch the Tithely Giving App. 
  2. Login or create an account. 
  3. Select History in the bottom navigation bar.
  4. Here you can toggle between three views: 
    1. All Gifts
    2. Recurring
    3. One-Time
  5. Select a specific transaction to view further details.
  6. Select the refresh button in the top right to refresh the page for any new details.