How to Select a Different Church on The Giving App


Switching your church location within the Tithely App is straightforward and allows you to easily align your app with your current place of worship. Whether you've moved to a new area or simply want to explore different church communities, this functionality makes it possible. This article will guide you through the steps to search for and select a new church location, ensuring that your giving and church interaction are properly directed.

Select A New Church Location

  1. Log into the Tithely App.
  2. Select Menu.
  3. Select My Church.
  4. Select Choose New Church Location.
  5. Select to: 
    • Search by church name or address
    • Use My Location
  6. Enter church name or address. 
  7. Select your desired church.
  8. Review location detials.
  9. Select Confirm Location.
    Note: Select the X in the top left if this is not the correct church. 

Once you new location is confirmed this will initiate the giving flow. From here you can either complete a gift or select to go back to your home screen.

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