Understanding Number Options for Tithely Messaging

When it comes to setting up Messaging on Tithely, one common query is whether a local number can be utilized for sending SMS blasts. It's important to understand the limitations and best practices to ensure effective communication with your community.

Local Numbers and Messaging:

  • Local Number Usage: Currently, local numbers cannot be used for Tithely Messaging. This limitation is due to regulatory and operational constraints that affect the delivery and reception of mass messages.
  • Why Not Local Numbers? When sending SMS blasts, local numbers are not suitable for mass messaging due to the risk of being flagged as spam. This risk increases significantly when messages are sent to large groups, potentially hindering your ability to communicate effectively.
  • The Role of 800 Numbers: Unlike local numbers, 800 numbers are authorized and equipped to handle messaging to large groups. They are designed to bypass common hurdles such as spam flagging, ensuring your messages reach your intended audience without disruption.

As Tithely continues to enhance its Messaging capabilities, the current focus is on providing robust and compliant solutions that meet the needs of our users while adhering to industry standards and regulations. Keep an eye on future updates as we explore more ways to make your communication efforts as effective as possible.