Setting Up Text Notifications for Incoming Church Messages on Tithely

Stay promptly informed with Tithely's text notification feature, allowing you to receive updates directly to your phone whenever someone texts your church's Tithely Messaging number. This convenient feature ensures you're always aware of new messages, helping you maintain timely communication with your congregation.


How to Activate Text Notifications:

  1. Select Messaging.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Notifications.
  4. Enable SMS Notifications: Check the box labeled Send me SMS notifications of unread messages.
  5. Choose Notification Timing: Select your preferred time to receive notifications from the dropdown menu. Options include:
    1. After 1 hour
    2. After 2 hours
    3. After 3 hours
    4. After 4 hours
    5. After 5 hours
    6. After 6 hours 

Note: For Email Notifications you can adjust your settings to receive email notifications through the same settings screen.


Activating this feature does count towards your monthly SMS allotment, so consider your communication needs when selecting your notification frequency. Stay connected and responsive to your church community with Tithely's messaging notifications.

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