What Messages Count Towards My Limit?

Navigating messaging costs within your Tithely account is essential for maintaining effective church communications while managing your budget wisely. Whether it's incoming texts from your congregation, notifications about unread messages, automated responses, or email communications, understanding the associated costs—or lack thereof—can significantly impact your ministry's outreach strategies. This article offers a detailed overview of Tithely's messaging cost structure, ensuring you have the insights needed to utilize these tools efficiently and cost-effectively.


Charges for Incoming Texts:

  • No cost for texts sent by contacts to the church.

Notification Charges:

  • Unread message notifications to your cell count towards the monthly SMS allotment.
    Example: 7 unread messages generate 1 SMS notification.

Automated Responses:

  • Automated responses to keywords count towards your SMS allotment.

Email Communications:

  • Free for both sending and receiving.

This breakdown helps you navigate the messaging features on Tithely, ensuring you're informed about potential costs associated with different types of communications.





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