How Can Attendees Pay For an Event?

To manage attendee payments for events, Tithely offers flexible options for both administrators and attendees. This guide explores the various payment methods available for event registration, ensuring a seamless transaction process. Attendees can choose from multiple payment options, making it easier for them to participate in church events. Explore the detailed steps and options for setting up payment methods for your next event, enhancing the overall registration experience for your attendees.

Paying & Registering for an Event

Registering for an event set up through Tithely is an easy process that collects an array of needed information. As an administrator of the event, you can set up if you would like donors to be able to pay:

  • Partial or full payment for the event at the time of registration

  • Set up discount codes for attendees

  • Collect any information needed through our uniquely customizable questions fields. 

Note: Registrations have a submission limit of 10 attendees at a time and can only be paid for using a card. If you would like to accept cash or check for an event we recommend creating a discount code to be applied.


With Tithely events, it is simple and easy to both get information and register for your program.

Adding a Payment Plan to an Event 

  1. Login to your Tithely account.
  2. Select Events.
  3. Select View/Edit Event.
  4. Click on Event Details and you'll see this page:
  5. Scroll down to where it says "payment plan" and then click Edit!
  6. You'll then be brought to this page:

From there, you can enable the payment plan option for your event. This will allow the donors to pay two installment payments instead of the total amount. As you can see from the screenshot, the event must be at least two months away to enable this. The payments will be charged monthly in two installments before the actual event!



Tithely Tip

Note that Tithely Events transactions cannot be associated with a specific giving fund. These transactions will associate with the defualt giving fund.

Transaction Fees for Events

Note that when a donor pays for an event that transaction is processed the same as any other transaction on the Tithely platform and is subjected to the associated transaction fees. Learn more about this: Tithely Transaction Fees and Subscription Pricing


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