Registering for Multiple Tickets in a Single Event with Tithely Events

Curious about how participants can select multiple tickets for an event? Tithely makes it straightforward for individuals to register for various ticket types without needing special settings adjustments. Whether attendees are booking for different sessions or purchasing tickets for guests, they can easily select each ticket type and provide their details for each entry. This article breaks down the steps users should follow to secure multiple tickets under one name, ensuring a smooth registration experience for your event's attendees.


Steps for a User to Register For Multiple Ticket Types

  1. Launch the Event Registration Form.
  2. Enter initial registrant details:
    • Registrant First & Last Name
    • Registrant Email Address
  3. Select the Ticket Type for Attendee #1.
  4. Enter the relevant details for this Ticket Type.
  5. Select additional Ticket Types for Attendee #2 and so on.
    Note: There is not a way to add multiple ticket types under one registrant. However this person can select multiple tickets and register themselves for each Ticket Type.
  6. Enter the relevant details for this Ticket Type.
  7. Enter any remaining details including payment method is applicable.
  8. Select Register to complete registration.
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