Communicating With Your Groups

Communicating with your Groups has never been easier! With Messaging you can send blasts to your group members through text (SMS), Simple Email and Rich Text Email using our Drag and Drop email blast tool. 

To get started, set up your Groups in People. 

Groups in People

The articles below will guide you step-by-step through adding groups and managing group members.

Once your Groups are set up, you're ready to message your members! 

Ways to Communicate With Your Groups

Helpful Information

  • Getting Familiar With the Drag & Drop Email Blast Creator
    The Drag & Drop Email Blast Creator allows you to create Rich Text emails to communicate with your church members.

  • Understanding Blast Stats in Tithely Messaging
    Blast Stats allow you to quickly and effortlessly see how your blasts are doing. Use search and filters to narrow down your blasts, and see how your blasts have performed with details like delivered, clicked, read and bounced. With Blast Stats, you can compare your SMS and email blasts to see which ones are being better received. 


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