How to Modify Your Recurring Gift in Tithely's 1.0 Giving Form / Legacy App

Discover how to adjust your recurring donations seamlessly with's 1.0 Giving Form using this step-by-step guide. Learn to modify donation amounts, update payment methods, and change donation frequencies effortlessly. This article ensures donors can manage their contributions effectively, providing flexibility and convenience.


For donors using the 1.0 Giving Form or the Giving App: To adjust your recurring gift amount, designated fund, or schedule, please follow the steps below to cancel your current recurring gift and then establish a new one.

A recurring gift schedule enables you to set details like the amount and frequency so that you can easily support the organization of your choice while never missing a gift.

Fortunately, when you start a recurring schedule, you aren't stuck with it. We know things change, and you may need to change, pause, or cancel your recurring schedule.

Canceling Your Recurring Gift

  1. Access Your Tithely Account: Begin by logging into your Tithely account.
  2. Navigate to the Recurring Giving Section: Click on the 'Recurring Giving' tab or tap the 'Automated' button from the main dashboard.
  3. Locate the Gift to Cancel: Scan your list of gifts to find the one you wish to adjust. Next to this gift, click on the red trash icon to initiate the cancellation.

For a visual guide on this process, please watch the instructional video below:

Setting Up a New Recurring Gift

After you've successfully canceled your previous recurring gift, you're all set to create a new one tailored to your current preferences. For a comprehensive guide on this, refer to our article: Creating a Recurring Gift in The Tithely App 🎥