Editing and Deleting a Recurring Gift 🎥

A recurring gift schedule enables you to set details like the amount and frequency so that you can easily support the organization of your choice while never missing a gift.

Fortunately, when you start a recurring schedule, you aren't stuck with it. We know things change and there may be the need to change, pause, or cancel your recurring schedule.

In order to change your recurring gift amount, fund designation, or schedule, you will need to cancel your existing recurring gift and then set up a new recurring gift. 

Delete a Recurring Gift

You can cancel your current gift by heading to your Tithely account and clicking on the Recurring Giving tab from the menu or the Automated button from the home screen. Then just click the red trash can next to the gift you wish to cancel. 

Here is a helpful video to walk you through this process:

Once you’ve canceled your current recurring gift, you can set up a new gift with a new schedule. Here’s an article that shows you just how to do that.

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