How to Reset Your Password in the Church App

Church App users can reset their Giving Account password directly in the Church App. If people have forgotten their password and are locked out of features like Groups and Livestream Chat, or they want to update the password for their Giving Account without having to navigate to the Tithely website to take this action, they can follow these steps to reset their password directly in the Church App.
❗ Important Note: Your login information for Tithely Giving and the Tithely Church App are the same.

Reset Your Password in the Tithely Church App

  1. Navigate to the Church App on your phone

  2. In the top left-hand corner, click the three-line icon (also known as a Hamburger Menu).

    Reset Password Step One
  3. Click Login.

    Reset Password Step 2
  4. Click forgot password.

    Reset Password Step 3


  5. Next, enter the email associated with your giving account.

  6. You will then be prompted to check your email.
    From the email you received, click the link provided to reset your password.

    Reset Password Step 4
  7. Next enter and confirm your new password.

    You will also be asked to provide a 4 digit PIN. You can create a new PIN or add your existing PIN.

  8. Click “Save New Password and PIN”.

    From there, you will be redirected to the app and can sign in to your Tithely account using your new password!

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