How to Add Limited Access Users for Apps

Implementing Limited Access User permissions in your app allows specific members targeted access without full admin rights, ideal for roles requiring interaction with select functionalities. This guide covers the setup process for adding such users, including profile creation, role assignment, and permission configuration. Limited Access Users enjoy tailored app interactions, from single to multiple app navigation, ensuring a focused and efficient user experience. Properly setting location and app permissions is crucial for seamless access and avoiding access discrepancies.

Limited Access User permissions are designed to grant specific members the ability to view and interact with certain parts of an app without granting full admin rights. This can be useful for members who only need access to a few functionalities.

How to Add Limited Access Users for Apps

You must be an admin to add and manage users. 

  1. Navigate to My Organization > Users.
  2. Click on Add/Update User.
    For new users, fill out the user's profile information, such as name, email, and phone number.
  3. Assign the User Role as 'Limited Access'.
  4. Under User Permissions
    1. Select the appropriate location associated with the App.
    2. Grant access to the necessary apps.

Limited Access Users need both location and app permissions to function properly. Ensure you grant both permissions for the user to have a seamless experience. 

Capabilities of Limited Access Users

Once set up, here's what a Limited Access User will be able to do and see:

  • Access to Apps

    • Single App: Users are seamlessly logged into their church's App when they select 'Apps' from the Global Menu and are taken to their Apps Dashboard.
      Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 11.29.49 AM (1).png
    • Multiple Apps: They'll see a loading screen, then a modal displaying a list of all accessible Apps. They can then select an app to navigate to its dashboard.
      Multiple Apps (2) copy.png
    • No Access: If a user's location isn't set for an App-affiliated location, they'll see a modal explaining the lack of access and the option to request access. We'll dive into this more below. 
  • Global Menu: Upon pressing the Global Settings Menu button in Apps, Limited Access Users will see only basic permissions. If a user has access to multiple Church Apps, the top of the Global Settings menu will display those apps.
    Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 1.03.02 PM.png

  • View Permissions: Limited Access Users can view details and functionalities within the apps they've been granted access to. 

What happens when permissions aren't set for Location and App?

When a user chooses 'Apps' from the Global Menu and lands on the Apps dashboard, the system checks for Location access. If it identifies that the user lacks access to any Locations with associated Church Apps, a modal explains this discrepancy. This modal will vary based on the discrepancies in their access:

  1. If there's a mismatch between the user's location and the available Church App.
    Access Denied.png
  2. If multiple locations have Church Apps but not the user's location.
    Access Denied (1).pngUsers are equipped with a 'Request Access' button. By pressing this, they can notify the Account Owner of their need for permissions. A subsequent confirmation will inform the user that their request has been submitted.