Adding Photos to Your Site Using the Media Modal

With the Tithely Sites integration with Tithely Media, you can upload your images one time and then use them in multiple places throughout your Tithely Site and other Tithely apps.
When accessing your Tithely Site from the Dashboard, any place that you can add an image on your website, you will see the 'Add Media' button which opens the Media modal.
Note: If you do not access your Site via the Tithely Dashboard, this option will not be available to you at this time.

Within the Tithely Media modal you will notice the menu on the left side:

Your Media

Quickly access and upload your own media
You can also create Folders to keep your uploaded media organized.

Tithely Media

Select existing media (uploaded by you or from with the Media Library)


Mark any image in Media as a favorite (heart icon) and it will be saved in your favorites.

Deleted Items

Any of your uploaded media that you have deleted.


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